Create your own tea brand


We offer you a program that gives you the opportuinity to produce tea, herbs and spices under your own Brand through a design of your choice.

This is an opportunity that will present you in front of your customers in an another role, for which you will not need to invest a lot of money. Just fill out our bid form for the Create Your Own Brand Tea program. Send it to us and we will contact you.

What are the advantages?

You don’t need to invest in the purchase of: expensive packaging machines, storage areas and premises, large quantities of raw materials.

How will our experience benefit you?

Choosing a target group

According to the product itself, its qualities and who would like to try it. We will help you choose your target audience very carefully so that you can find your place in the market.

Development of a comprehensive strategy

For building and establishing the brand. Together we will clearly define the overall concept concerning the production of the project. We will take care of every step from the development of recipes according to the requirements and the target group to the production of the products.

Development of a product assortment

In accordance with the overall strategy and target group. Complies with the requirements of the International Standard for Food Safety (IFS) – food ver.6 and the Standard for Conformity of Organically Produced Products. Providing the packaging with all the necessary attributes according to the relevant legislation of the country in which the products will be sold.

Successful stories

Created in Bulgaria, by young, ambitious and expanded as a team people! All products are first class and repeatedly tested by WOW girls over Europe. The team relies on nutrition, marketing and design specialists, working hard every day to provide the best working weight management products.
NutriMight offers high-class natural food supplements and teas created with natural products with specially selected natural ingredients and formulas. They are designed for use by any woman who wants to look good, feel real and confident.
Verve Teas are a Bulgarian product with high content of ginger and provide today’s dynamic women daily powerful support for the immune system to easily overcome the cold diseases, stomach discomfort and chronic fatigue.
Verve – The Ginger Teas
The Bali Tea was born from a trip to the island of the same name. Quiet golden beaches, surfing, diving and swimming with dolphins. Climbing a volcano and inhaling the fragrance of herbal plantations … Sip of traditional tea … Feeling of freedom … purifying the mind and body. Thus was born Bali – based on traditions and romance, for a better self.
Bali Tea
Ula Tea are natural teas for maintaining the figure and for detoxifying the body. The natural formula of Ulatea Slim and Ulatea Detox teas is developed from herbs with proven beneficial effects on the body. The ingredients are selected and combined so that they complement each other for more effective action without unwanted side effects.
The aim of the project “Zdravei” is to promote a balanced lifestyle among Bulgarians and to show in an easy, colorful and affordable way that to be healthy and eat quality food is not difficult and complicated. “Zdravei” teas are always present in the Detox Programs, which you can also find in the form of the books “Detox Spring” and “Detox Autumn”!
Magchachà is a magical green tea powder that everyone is talking about! High quality matcha tea, grown, processed and prepared according to the best Japanese traditions and tea rituals. 2-3 cups a day work wonders, charging the body with energy and vitality, filling with enthusiasm and ecstasy.
It all started with the firm belief that a person can work, develop, grow in Bulgaria with something that is good and useful for people. Thus was born the idea of growing Mursal tea – an herb, the queen of herbs, with exceptional properties for the health of the human body. The main motivation is to deal with products that bring health benefits and help us to be full of energy and strength to be in the best shape to meet the challenges of our daily lives.
ONE Healthy Goods
SoGood “Spices of Life” are a mix of spices from original recipes of personal chef Desi Slavcheva, which facilitate cooking and save time, bring new flavors and aromas in familiar dishes. They are characterized by interesting and unexpected combinations, freshness and quality of raw materials, the ability to see the contents in a transparent jar.
SoGood „Spices of Life“
Amsterdam is the home of RoseTulips, the idea for the company was born here, and the brand illustrates the spirit of the city.The way people combine cultures and beliefs in Amsterdam is the way our fantastic team and we combine the ingredients in RoseTulips tea. Our goal is to present to our friends in The Netherlands and around the world, the vision for delicious gourmet experience with tea and honey. With highest quality of 100% natural ingredients. RoseTulips name represents the two places that contributed to my development – the Rose of Bulgaria and the Tulips from The Netherlands.
A small boutique company has created its own brand of 100% natural herbal tea, with its own original recipes. Colorful, rich and balanced bouquets of aromas. A different tea journey.
Motiv Tea
A group of friends gathered from a common goal that reaches you every day. Life goals that is full of LIFE!
The Fit Body
Shroomzup have a different concept in the creation of the products. Astonishing blend of carefully selected herbs and the power of two mushrooms – all in one product that boosts your brain and gives you instant refreshment.
Safron BG Ltd. is a company that specializes in the cultivation and production of premium saffron. Thus was born the idea of creating products that combine the beneficial properties of herbs and valuable saffron with a pleasant experience for the senses.
Safron BG Ltd.
Inspired by the growing evidence from numerous publicly available clinical trials on saffron’s health benefits, we set out to develop a unique collection of all-natural saffron tea blends. Each one designed with a specific goal in mind.
MGGI Trading’s mission is to develop and promote the role of herbs to strengthen the immune system.
MGGI Trading

What do our capabilities allow?

  • Packaging of herbs and herb mixes.
  • Varieties of packaging and net weight.
  • Development and packaging of herb mixes according to the strategy and target audience.

How long does it take to complete a project?

In order to implement a project, technological time is required, depending on many factors: suppliers of raw materials and materials of the respective product. To facilitate the implementation of the project, it is necessary to clearly and precisely define the overall concept and target group concerning the production of the project. (We can determine this at our first meeting with you).

Development of recipes
Depending on the number of products – takes from 5 to 10 days
Tasting and evaluation of the final recipes
Depending on the number of recipes – takes from 1 to 3 days
Development and approval of design
Depending on the number of products – takes from 2 to 10 days
Printing of sachets and boxes
About 10 days – depending on the workload of the printers
Production of products
According to the product type and quantities, the minimum production time is 5 working days

Types of packiging

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